Attachment, psychopathology, and religion: Introduction to this special section of Mental Health, Religion, & Culture

Brandt P.-Y., Mental Health, Religion and Culture, vol. 17, N°8, 2014, pp. 761-764. 

An international conference of psychology of religion, organised at the University of Lausanne
(Switzerland) on 16 May 2012, took up the theme: « Attachment, psychopathology, and religion ».
Four speakers were invited: Pehr Granvist, Andrew Gumley, Isabelle Rieben, and Pascal Roman.
Their reworked contributions are gathered in this special section of Mental Health, Religion, &
Culture. The goal of this special section is to re-examine the whole of this subject of the bond
between attachment and religion and/or spirituality in the cases of those persons suffering from
mental health disorders.