Paternity as function: Structuring the religious experience

V. Saroglou, Trans. by Sarah Allen (originally published in French, Paris, L’Harmattan, 1998). Rodopi: Amsterdam-Atlanta (2001). International Series for the Psychology of Religion, Vol. 10. Now published by Brill. 

Psychodynamic interpretation of spiritual fatherhood, based on early monastic writings.

« The author, by employing psychoanalytic theory to interpret Climacus’ ancient insights into monastic paternity, enhances our contemporary understanding of spiritual direction, monastic and otherwise. » C. Kevin Gillepsie, Loyola College in Maryland, in Theological Studies, 64(2), 2003.

« His work is an important resource for theorists who desire a transatlantic perspective on this subject. His scholarship is superb. » Leona Stucky-Abbott, in Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, 56(2), 2002.