Dyadic pulsations as a signature of sustainability in correspondence networks

Aeschbach M., Brandt P.-Y., Kaplan. F. , 2013/07. dans Proceedings of Digital Humanities 2013. Conference : « Freedom to explore », University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 16-19 July 2013. 

In this paper, we introduce the concept of dyadic pulsations as a measure of sustainability in online discussion groups. Dyadic pulsations correspond to new communication exchanges occurring between two participants in a discussion group. A group that continuously integrates new participants in the on-going conversation is characterized by a steady dyadic pulsation rhythm. On the contrary, groups that either pursue close conversation or unilateral communication have no or very little dyadic pulsations. We show on two examples taken from Usenet discussion groups, that dyadic pulsations permit to anticipate future bursts in response delay time which are signs of group discussion collapses. We discuss ways of making this measure resilient to spam and other common algorithmic production that pollutes real discussions

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